Valentine’s Day Count the Room

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I love all the math activities I have been seeing in classrooms lately. It is amazing how creative teachers can be with Conversation Hearts. I have seen counting, graphing, sorting, patterning and more!

Today I finished this Valentine’s Day count the room mini pack. It doesn’t come with candy but it has some cute graphics! It includes three count the room activities with a fun Valentine’s theme. One station has audio QR codes for added fun!

Free Valentine's Day Count the Room

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TCEA 2016

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I am presenting at TCEA 2016

So excited to have the opportunity to return to TCEA in Austin again this year!

QR and AR in the Bilingual/ESL Early Childhood Classroom

This year, I have the privilege of leading a session about ways to use QR (Quick Response) and AR (Augmented Reality) to bring your word work stations to life. If you follow my blog you know I am very passionate about this topic. If you are attending #TCEA16 be sure to join me on Monday at 2:30. This session is part of the Bilingual/ESL academy.

QR and AR presentation

Discover your Powerful Leadership Network

On Tuesday, I have the honor of presenting alongside some #EDUHeros. @matthew_arend @R_H_Steele @VealHeidi and I will be sharing how school leaders can transform the way they learn by building a powerful network using a variety of social media platforms. This session is part of the Leadership Academy.

PLN Presentation

The Rest of the Week

Beginning on Wednesday I will be in the TCEA Exhibit area. I will be promoting my digital resources along with @TechwithJen from Tech With Jen and @SandyCangelosi from Sweet Integrations. Be sure to stop by, we love to meet our virtual friends face-to-face. We will be at Elementary Learning Solutions Booth 222 until Friday. We’ve got many freebies. Come roll and scan our QR Cube to win something fun for your classroom!

QR Cube2

If you are not able to attend be sure to follow the learning on Twitter. We will be using hashtag #TCEA16.




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QR Code Word Work Fun!

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Creating fun and engaging word work stations to help students master phonics concepts has never been more fun and easy!

If you have never used QR code task cards you simply must try it! The QR codes not only makes the activity more engaging for students, it also provides them with instant feedback, two important things that are difficult to do when you are working with students during your literacy rotations.

Engagement and Learning 

Engagement does not equal learning, but we know learning will not happen if students are not engaged. Just the fact that students get to use a smart device to complete an activity, makes this task engaging which will keep your students on-task. This reduces the amount of times students need to be reminded to keep working.

Instant Feedback

Another plus to using QR code task cards is the instant feedback provided to students. During classroom walk-throughs I frequently notice students that are working and not disturbing anyone but they are doing the independent activity wrong! The last thing we want to do is have students practice a concept incorrectly! The instant feedback provided by the QR code feature on these task cards ensures students are practicing the skill correctly which leads to mastery.

Write, Scan and Color

With the Write, Scan and Color QR task cards you can easily create word work stations that are engaging, support independence and are aligned to standards. I recommend one smart device for 2 students to share. Another way to use these stations is to have all students write the word and then rotate who gets to scan the QR code each time.  Either way, you can find the way that works best with your students.

Write and Scan Ninja Long U Vowel Teams





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Developing Confident ELL Writers

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Developing Confident ELL WritersAs a second language learner, I can distinctly remember how difficult it was for me to learn to write in English. By third grade, I knew I hated writing! I dreaded getting my papers back from Ms. Silva, my 3rd grade teacher. I recall mixing English and Spanish words in my writing, but my greatest challenge when writing was spelling and vocabulary.

In Spanish, words are spelled phonetically with few exceptions. In English, however, this is not the case. I lacked the foundational phonics taught in the earlier grades and this made spelling one of my weakest areas. I didn’t have the vocabulary my native peers had so if I did not know what something was called in English, I would simplify my writing or go in another direction altogether.

Visuals to Support Writing

Because I did not fully understand the English language, I became very dependent on visual to help me understand things. Perhaps that is one reason, I consider myself a visual learner to a fault. English Language Learners (ELL) need visuals to make sense of the second language. For this reason, I feel that it is important to provide ELL students with visual to help them when they are writing. The visual gives them more details they can include in their writing.

Vocabulary and Spelling Support

As I mentioned earlier, an ample vocabulary in English was an obstacle for me as I attempted to write in English.  By providing students with visual vocabulary list, ELL students can concentrate more on developing their writing instead of getting stuck on basic vocabulary and the spelling of words.

Write About It! Winter Edition

A couple of years ago, I developed the writing station you see below. This Write About It! winter edition includes the visual, vocabulary and spelling support ELL students need to develop into confident writers.

Take time today to download this writing station and start developing your ELL students into confident writers.

Visit these other bilingual bloggers for more classroom ideas and free resources.

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Arctic Animal Count the Room

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Get your kindergarten math stations ready for winter with these four Arctic animal math stations!

Arctic Animal Count the Room Math Stations

Arctic Animal Count the Room includes four math stations to give your students lots of ways to practice counting sets up to 10. Students count animals, base ten blocks, dice and complete ten frames to represent numbers from 1-10. One station includes a QR twist! Download the preview to try it out!


  • Counting Number Sets to 10
  • Writing Numbers to 10
  • Building Ten Frames
  • Writing Numbers from Dictation


Station 1: Count the Room (Number Sets) 10 task cards

Count the Room
Station 2: Count the Room (Base Ten) 10 task cards

Base Ten Count the Room
Station 3: Count the Room (Dice) 10 task cards

Arctic Animal Count the Room Stations - Base Ten Kindergarten Math
Station 4: Scan and Write the Room (Audio QR Codes) 10 task cards

Arctic Animal Count the Room Stations - Base Ten Kindergarten Math

All four stations include an answer recording sheet with a QR code scan and check feature that will motivate your students to stay on task!


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