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2D Shapes QR Code Station

Get your students building and drawing 2D shapes with this fun QR code scan, build and draw station.

I’ve included three different work mats to provide students 3 building material options. Students can build shapes using Wiki Sticks, Unifix Cubes or good old fashion play-dough.

13 shapes are included. Use all of them or just the ones you are needing students to work with.

This resources comes in English and Spanish!

Gumball Number Scan, Build and Write

Your PreK and kindergarten students are going to enjoy learning to identify numerals and building ten frames from 0-10 using this fun QR code math station. The mats come in English and Spanish.…

Free Christmas Downloads

This activity will give your students practice identifying the letter that correlates to the initial sound in pictures. This holiday season get your students writing with this fun Christmas themed writing freebie! Use these writing organizers to help your…