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Spanish Syllable Listening Station

A few months ago I discovered Mono Sílabo on Youtube and fell in love! Mono Sílabo videos are great quality and highly engaging.  They teach young readers how to combine syllables to form words. The videos last an average of 9 minutes and include music and visuals to support students in the acquisition of this foundation early literacy skill.

Often times I see teachers use these videos in their morning circle routine or during phonics instruction. The video is often correlated to the letter they are focusing on that week.

Students require lots of repetition and practice to read syllables fluently so I created this syllable listening station to do just that. The Mono Sílabo book is a compilation of all the open syllable combinations. Place the Mono Sílabo video book in your independent listening station so students may access the videos and get extra exposure to this very important skill. All the videos have been saved in SafeShare to ensure there are no ads or popups. Enjoy!

Spanish: Sílabas con el Mono Sílabo



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