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“Be Appy” Monday: Photomath App

Be Appy Monday

Today I’ve linked up with Jennifer Kimbrell from Tech with Jen to share a really cool math app with you!

Are you really good at math?

When I was a high school student, my math teachers often had us workout either the odd or even numbered problems for homework.  In the back of my math book  I could find the answers to either the even or odd problems.  I remember working out a problem and flipping to the back to check my work.  It was great when I was understanding and getting the answer right but if I consistently got answers wrong, the answers were not much help except in telling me I did a problem wrong.  In those instances, a step by step solution to the math problems would have been a greater help instead of just the answers.

Three Years Ago

I had always considered myself to be good at math but three years ago when I homeschooled my kids, I found it difficult sometimes to figure out where my 11th grade son went wrong with certain Algebra problems.  Luckily I had purchased the solution key and it showed the step by step solution to every problem.  We would look at his work and compare it to the step by step solution key and figure out if he had missed a step or made a computation error.

Fast Forward

Last year as I prepared to do a presentation on augmented reality apps.  I discovered an app called Photomath.  This app uses the camera on your smartphone  or tablet to read and solve mathematical expressions, yes including algebra!  Not only does Photomath give you the answers, it also lets you see the step by step process in solving the problem.

Video of Photomath in Action

Watch Photomath in action.  See it for yourself!

Tips for Using Photomath

1. Math problems in a math book are typically numbered, make sure you only have the equation you want to solve inside the red lines.

2. If problems are written too close together use a piece of paper or Post-it note to cover other problems so that only the problem you want to solve is showing.

3. Photomath does not work with handwritten problems. It will only recognized printed textbook problems.

4. Currently Photomath can solve basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms.

Download Photomath

Photomath can be downloaded for free in the App store.  Click on the icon to download.

Photomath App


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