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How to Build a PLN

This week I had an amazing opportunity to teach a college class of pre-service teachers. My friend and colleague, Heidi Veal and I spent one hour sharing the why and how of building a PLN.

Collin College

What is a PLN?

Some call it a Professional Learning Network others call it a Personal Learning Network, I prefer to use the word personal.  I prefer to say personal because it is tailored to my needs and aligned to my passion and interests which makes it very personal.

I often tell teachers, that they should not rely on their school district or administrators to develop them professionally.  Educators need to take professional learning into their own hands.  In my opinion, my personal and professional growth is my responsibility and I that is too big and important of a job to delegate it to someone else.

Tools to Get You Started 

Here is the presentation we shared with the class. It is a website we created filled with tools and examples of different platforms you can use to build and grow your PLN. Click on the image or scan the QR code to view this resource.

Building Your PLN

I hope you find this resource helpful as you continue to grow and build your own PLN.

Originally posted on Driven Leadership: Leading with Passion and Purpose website. 

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