Storybook Character Night

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Yesterday we had a wonderful school event at my school that has become kind of tradition, we call it Storybook Character Night.   Staff and students come to school dressed as their favorite storybook character.  Kids love to dress up and the costumes bring the characters in the story “alive”.  It was great to see them act out the part of the characters.  If you have never done something like this, I highly encourage you.  It does not need to be a school wide event, it can simply be your grade level or your class.

This year I was one of the three little pigs.   I had a piggy head band with a snout that oinked when kids pressed it.  My favorite part was the too-toos we made, I can’t even remember the last time I got to wear one of those!  Here is a picture of the “Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.”

Story Book Character Night 2013

Top: Nicole
Bottom: Jean, Nancy, Brandy

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