Trabajando con Sílabas con T

I have completed one more letter!  I am going through every letter in the alphabet and making Spanish syllable stations. I just finished creating word work stations for the Spanish syllables with the letter T.  This resource will give your students practice working with Spanish syllables: TA-TE-TI-TO-TU. Use the stations to give students independent practice or use them during teacher guided small group instruction. Practice pages can be used to provide additional practice for mastery, assessment or homework.

Check out some of the stations!

This station includes audio QR codes! Students scan the QR code listen to the syllable being said and find the picture that begins with that syllable.

This station includes 12 task cards.  Students say the name of the picture, then identify the syllable it begins with.

This station includes 12 task cards. Students read the syllable on the card then find the picture that begins with that syllable sound. 

There are several practices pages for students to color, cut, and paste pictures that begin with the syllables ta-te-ti-to-tu.

This resource also includes practice pages for students to color, cut, and paste pictures to match their name. The answer recording sheet includes a QR code scan and check feature so students can check their own work when they are finished.

Roll, read, and write the syllables ta-te-ti-to-tu. 

Sort pictures by their initial syllables. 

This fun QR stations will surely engage and challenge your students. Students scan the audio QR code, listen to the syllable and write it on their graph.

Color, cut, and build picture, word, and syllable puzzles. 

I can’t wait to see pictures of your student using these in your classroom!

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