Visiting Mr. Gomez a 21st Century Teacher

Visiting Mr. Matt Gomez’ Kindergarten Class in Texas

Yesterday a group of teachers and I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Matt Gomez’ classroom for half the day.  It was quite a learning experience and I don’t just mean for his kindergarten students!

In the short time we were there we observed Mr. Gomez as he led his students in creating a blog post for their class blog.  They uploaded a movie they created using Educreations on their iPad during their morning math lesson.  In their video they showed different ways to make the number 16 with various manipulatives.  Their homework, he said, was to go home and find other ways to create 16 and add it to the comments on their class blog.  Not your traditional homework!

During snack time, Mr. Gomez’ class read the tweets they have received.  Together, they responded to a Tweet from their Kindergarten friends in Indonesia.  Mr. Gomez then used Google Earth to find out how many miles away Indonesia is from their classroom in Texas.

Mr. Gomez’ class also Tweets and follows an astronaut who is currently in space.  Their astronaut friend sent them a message with a picture and a question.  He asked them if they knew how to add salt and pepper to food without gravity.  Then Mr. Gomez opened the attached picture and they all got to see the small salt and pepper oil bottles floating inside the space shuttle used by astronauts to flavor their food while in space.

Right before lunch, Mr. Gomez utilized Skype to connect with a kindergarten class in another state. Students from both classes read poems they had written in honor of World Poetry Day.

It was amazing to watch how Mr. Gomez seamlessly integrated different forms of technology throughout his lessons to connect his students with learning as far as outer space!

Here is a short video of principal, Mrs. Hanks, interviewing Mr. Gomez about how he utilizes iPads and other forms of technology in his classroom to engage students, connect with parents and maximize learning.

To find out more about Mr. Gomez visit his blog   You can also follow him on Twitter @mattbgomez.

Pictures from Our Visit
Making the number 16
Connecting with outer space
A map to their friends around the world.
using Google Earth to find Indonesia
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