Positive Behavior Reward Tickets

How do you improve student behavior? By rewarding the behaviors you want to see more of!

On our campus we use monthly/seasonal student reward tickets to promote positive behavior campus wide. Each month/season we award a minimum of 10 reward tickets per day per class to students who are demonstrating specific behaviors we are wanting to promote or improve. When students receive a reward ticket, they write their name and teacher’s name on the back of the ticket and place it in a special bucket. Each morning, right after we say the pledges, we draw 5-10 winners (this varies throughout the year). Students whose names are called earn special rewards that we preset each month. They may get to visit the STEAM Lab for 30 minute, play Legos with the principal or play BINGO with the counselor.

We have had great success with these special tickets on our campus, I hope you have success with them in your classroom too.

Give them a try!

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