The Gift of Giving: Teaching Children the True Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday season is often synonymous with joy, warmth, and the spirit of giving. As adults, we recognize the significance of generosity, and what better time to impart this invaluable lesson to our children? Teaching children about giving during the holiday season not only instills a sense of empathy but also helps them understand the true essence of these festive times. Here are some thoughtful ways to nurture the spirit of giving in your children this holiday season.

1. Lead by Example:

Children learn by watching the actions of those around them, especially their parents and caregivers. One of the most effective ways to teach the value of giving is to lead by example.


  • Volunteer Together: Spend time as a family volunteering at local charities or community events. Let your children see the impact of giving back to those in need.
  • Include Them in Acts of Kindness: Whether it’s baking cookies for neighbors, making holiday cards for nursing home residents, or participating in a community service project, involve your children in acts of kindness.

2. Involve Children in the Giving Process:

Empower your children by involving them in the decision-making process of giving. This helps them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility.


  • Charitable Gift Selection: Allow children to choose a charitable cause or organization they feel passionate about supporting. This could be animal shelters, food banks, or organizations that provide toys for less fortunate children.
  • Create a Giving Budget: If you typically allocate a budget for holiday gifts, set aside a portion for charitable donations. Let your children decide how to allocate this fund among different causes.

3. Teach Gratitude Through Giving:

Help children connect the dots between receiving and giving by emphasizing gratitude. Show them that the act of giving is a way to express appreciation for what they have.


  • Gratitude Journal: Encourage your children to keep a gratitude journal during the holiday season. Each day, have them write or draw something they are thankful for. Discuss how giving to others can be an extension of this gratitude.
  • Thank-You Cards: After receiving gifts, guide your children in expressing gratitude through handmade thank-you cards. Discuss the joy of receiving and how giving provides similar joy to others.

4. Make Giving a Family Tradition:

Create lasting family traditions that center around giving. This helps children associate positive and meaningful experiences with the act of giving.


  • Family Giving Day: Designate a day during the holiday season as “Family Giving Day.” Spend the day doing acts of kindness together, such as visiting a local nursing home or organizing a neighborhood clean-up.
  • DIY Gifts: Encourage your children to create homemade gifts for family and friends. This not only instills the value of thoughtfulness but also shows that meaningful gifts don’t always have to be material possessions.

Fostering a Generous Spirit

Teaching children about giving during the holiday season, especially through the thoughtful gesture of gift hampers, is a gift that keeps on giving. By instilling a sense of empathy, gratitude, and social responsibility, parents and caregivers contribute to raising compassionate and socially conscious individuals. As we revel in the festivities, let’s take the opportunity to nurture the true spirit of the holidays through the joy of giving.

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