Spreading Holiday Cheer: Teacher Tips for Promoting Positive Behavior in Young Children Before Christmas

The holiday season brings an extra sprinkle of joy to the classroom, and as a teacher, you can harness this festive spirit to foster positive behavior in your young learners. Here are three effective tips to create a positive and harmonious environment in the weeks leading up to Christmas:

1. Establish Clear Expectations with a Dash of Holiday Magic:

Before the jingle bells start ringing, take a moment to review and set clear expectations for behavior in your classroom. Craft simple and visually appealing displays of holiday-themed rules to engage the children.


  • Interactive Discussions: Engage the children in discussions about expected behaviors, tying them to the positive values of the season, such as kindness, sharing, and cooperation.
  • Festive Visual Aids: Create visually stimulating displays of the classroom rules, incorporating holiday elements. Reinforce positive behavior by spotlighting examples of students embodying these expectations.

2. Infuse Holiday-Themed Activities into the Curriculum:

Leverage the children’s excitement for the season by integrating holiday-themed activities into your curriculum. These activities not only capture their attention but also provide opportunities for positive behavior reinforcement.


  • Creative Celebrations: Plan art and craft activities with a festive twist. Crafting ornaments, holiday cards, or collaborative decorations not only spread holiday cheer but also promote teamwork and creativity.
  • Storytime Magic: Select holiday-themed books that impart valuable lessons. After reading, facilitate discussions on the story’s moral, linking it to positive behavior in the classroom.

3. Cultivate Acts of Kindness with a Seasonal Touch:

Encourage the spirit of giving and kindness among your students by incorporating festive acts of goodwill into your daily routine.


  • Kindness Advent Calendar: Create a classroom advent calendar with daily acts of kindness. Each day, unveil a small gesture, encouraging the children to practice and appreciate acts of kindness toward their peers.
  • Gratitude Circles: Initiate a daily gratitude circle, where students share what they’re thankful for. This practice not only promotes positive thinking but also reinforces a sense of gratitude and positivity in the classroom.

Spreading Warmth and Positivity

By setting clear expectations, infusing holiday-themed activities into your curriculum, and cultivating acts of kindness, you’re not just teaching lessons — you’re creating a joyful and positive classroom environment. As the holiday spirit envelops your students, let the magic of the season inspire not only festive decorations but also a shared commitment to positive behavior and kindness. May your classroom be filled with the warmth and joy that the holidays bring!

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