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2nd Grade

State Report Research Project Made Easy!

Are you getting ready to do research on one of the fifty U.S. states? This 19 page unit comes with all the templates students need to complete a research project on one of the fifty states. Students can record information they gather, glue images, photos and draw maps on these templates to create an informational state report.

Research organization templates are included to help students create a research plan and keep track of their resources.

To facilitate the research process, I have created a Nifty Fifty United States Google Site. This site is full of kid friendly research sites already curated for you, geography games, YouTube video of songs for learning the 50 states and a list of free and paid iOS U.S. State learning apps.

Students can access the Nifty Fifty United States website quickly by scanning the QR code provided in this unit or by typing the URL web address.

Over 1,000 copies sold! Grab your copy today!



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