Bilingual Struggles

Bilingual Struggles

If you are a bilingual teacher or know one, you are already very aware of some of the struggles bilingual teachers face.  Mainly it is the lack of quality bilingual resources available even when you have the money to buy them.   Often times, bilingual teachers end up creating their own materials or simply do without.

When I go to the local teacher store, the bilingual section is tiny and most materials I either already own or they are not what I really need.

For this reason, I have reached out to other bilingual teachers that I have met through social media and we are organizing a Bilingual Blog hop.  The purpose of the blog hop is to allow bilingual teachers 1) an opportunity to meet authors and creators of quality bilingual materials and 2) to provide bilingual teachers free resources for the classroom.

Mark your calendar, you will not want to miss this blog hop!

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