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Christmas Math Fun activity pack comes with a dozen center activities appropriate for prekindergarten or kindergarten.  These activities are perfect for developing and strengthening a number of foundational math skills.  All activities in these pack can be utilized as independent math stations or as a teacher directed small group lessons.
Math Skill Focus:
Numeral Identification 0-10
Counting 0-10
1:1 Correspondence 1-10
Tally Marks 1-10
Ten Frames 0-10
Number Sets
Number Words 0-10
Writing Numbers 0-10
Building Graphs
Number Sequence 0-10
Before and After Numbers
Patterns (AB, AABB, ABC)

pages 3-14     Numeral to Ten Frame Circles
pages 15-30   Ten Frame to Numeral Circles
pages 31-36   Tally Marks to Numerals
pages 37-46   Five Way Number Match-up
pages 47-50   Number Word to Ten Frame
pages 51-55   Number Writing
pages 56-59   1:1 Correspondence
pages 60-69   Ornament Patterns (AB, AABB, ABC)
pages 70-81   My Santa Counting Book (preK)
pages 82-92   My Santa Counting Book (kindergarten)
pages 93-98   Roll and Write the Numbers
pages 99-109 Before and After Numbers
pages 110-116 Create a Graph
pages 117-128 Gift Delivery
(includes answer recording sheets and/or extension pages)

Navigate through this 120+ page file with ease by clicking on hyperlinks throughout the document.

Some activities in this math pack require small manipulatives, clothespins, Unifix or counting cubes, and or dry erase markers.

Please download the preview before making your purchase decision to ensure these activities are appropriate for your students’ skill level.  The preview includes all activity instruction pages and sample pages.

Take advantage of the flash sale and save!

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