This evening I had the opportunity to attend the teacher of the year banquet in my school district.  As I sat, listened and watched each teacher step up on stage and receive their award I was reminded of how truly amazing it is to be a teacher. 

At times we get so busy and caught up with deadlines and to do lists that it is easy to lose our perspective.  Why do we do what we do?  Better yet, why do I do what I do? 

At the beginning of the school year, we had a guest speaker come and share his journey in education.  He said many important and interesting things but of everything he said, there was one thing he said towards the end that struck me.  He said his goal in life was not to get rich or be famous, his goal he said was, “How many lives can I touch before I die?” 

I went to work that week and printed and framed that quote and it sits on my desk.  But in time, the frame has gotten dusty and I can’t recall the last time I even stopped to read it or think about it.

Tonight my perspective was refocused.

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