QR Code Word Work Fun!

Creating fun and engaging word work stations to help students master phonics concepts has never been more fun and easy!

If you have never used QR code task cards you simply must try it! The QR codes not only makes the activity more engaging for students, it also provides them with instant feedback, two important things that are difficult to do when you are working with students during your literacy rotations.

Engagement and Learning 

Engagement does not equal learning, but we know learning will not happen if students are not engaged. Just the fact that students get to use a smart device to complete an activity, makes this task engaging which will keep your students on-task. This reduces the amount of times students need to be reminded to keep working.

Instant Feedback

Another plus to using QR code task cards is the instant feedback provided to students. During classroom walk-throughs I frequently notice students that are working and not disturbing anyone but they are doing the independent activity wrong! The last thing we want to do is have students practice a concept incorrectly! The instant feedback provided by the QR code feature on these task cards ensures students are practicing the skill correctly which leads to mastery.

Write, Scan and Color

With the Write, Scan and Color QR task cards you can easily create word work stations that are engaging, support independence and are aligned to standards. I recommend one smart device for 2 students to share. Another way to use these stations is to have all students write the word and then rotate who gets to scan the QR code each time.  Either way, you can find the way that works best with your students.

Write and Scan Ninja Long U Vowel Teams





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