Write About It! Fall Edition

Developing Confident Writers

Having worked with young children for so many years, I know first hand that writing is very developmental. To help students develop into confident writers, it is important to provide them with the right support along the way and lots of encouragement.

I loved to watch my students’ writing develop from scribbles, to letter like forms and finally into legible words.

Picture Prompts

One obstacle students often run into is not knowing what to write about. I can remember modeling writing for students.  I would begin by thinking aloud, drawing a picture, then adding a sentence to go along with my picture.

When it was time for student to draw and write something on their own, guess what they would draw and write? You probably guessed it, they tried to copy mine.  I had to start telling them they could not copy mine. If I did not give them a prompt or purpose for writing they struggled.

For students that are just beginning to write or lack ideas, picture prompts may be just the support they need as they begin to develop their own ideas and writing topics.  Picture prompts also helps students stay on topic and write with more detail.

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