10 “Egg”citing Early Literacy Ideas

10 “Egg”citing Early Literacy Ideas

1. Number and Letter Sorting
For this activity I used extra small eggs.  They were so cute, I could not resist buying them! You can find them at the Dollar Store.

Number and Letter egg sort
2. Syllable Count and Sort
In this activity I used regular sized Easter eggs and wrote words on them with a Sharpie.  I used three cute bunny baskets I bought at the Dollar Store, added some grass and printed out some numbers.  This is a good activity for students that are beginning to read.  They are supposed to read the word, count the syllables in that word and place it the basket that has the number equal to the number of syllables in the word.
egg syllable sort
3. Beginning Sounds
This is an early phonics activity.  To complete this activity students must match pictures to the letters they begin with.  When they find a match, they place the picture inside the egg that has that letter written on it.  Click on the image below if you would like to use the pictures I put together for this activity.
Eggciting Beginnings

4.  Compound Words
For this activity all you do is write the first word in a compound word on the top part of the egg and the second word on the bottom half.  To make it easier for younger students write the two words on the same colored egg.  To make it more challenging, write the first word on one color egg and the second word on a different color egg.  To play this game, students choose a picture of a compound word then look for the two egg pieces that have the words that make up that compound word.  Once students find the two words, they place the picture inside the egg, and snap the egg together. You can also try your luck by betting on games like 온라인 카지노, where the thrill of chance meets the excitement of online gaming
Eggciting Compound Words

5. Rhyming Words
Students never get enough rhyming practice. This is such a quick and easy idea for a rhyming center. Write a couple rhyming words on each egg, add a cute basket and you’ve got yourself a basket of rhymes.
Basket of rhymes

6. Antonyms
Are your students learning about antonyms? This is a fun way to practice. How long will it take you to write antonyms on a dozen plastic eggs with a Sharpie? That is how quickly you can put this station together!  Want to add an extra challenge?  Write some synonyms too.
Basket of Antonyms
7. Short and Long Vowel Sort
Place the little chicks inside the eggs. Students open up the egg, read the word and sort it by short or long vowel. If you’d like to use the words I used, just download the free file.
Short and long vowel sort landscape

8. Picture and Word Matching
For this activity, students choose a picture then they must find the egg that has the name of that picture written on it. Once they find the picture and the egg with the matching word, have them place the picture inside the egg.  For this activity, I used the same pictures from the “Egg”citing Beginnings activity.
picture to word matching.JPG
9. Contractions
Again very easy to put this station together. Write the two words that make up a contraction on the top part of the egg and the contraction on the bottom half.
egg contractions
10. Sight Word Scramble
What is Easter without jellybeans? Place jellybeans with letters written on them inside an egg. Students unscramble the jellybeans to reveal a sight word.  If you’d like to use this station in your classroom, I have included the jellybeans and answer recording sheet for you .
Spill the Jellybeans

For more ideas for using plastic Easter eggs in your stations, check out my “Egg”cellent Teaching Ideas Pinterest board.

Pinterest Board Cover

Originally posted on March 12, 2014. 

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