Confession of a Pinterest Addict!


Confession of a Pinterest Addict!


I must confess I am ADDICTED to Pinterest! If you are not using Pinterest, I must warn you, it can be addicting for some!

Here is why I love Pinterest and why I think you will too!


1.  Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas! 

I have found some amazing ideas on Pinterest.  Have you ever had someone ask you where you got an idea and found yourself responding, “I saw it on Pinterest”?  That would be me!

As a teacher, I often found myself isolated.  Once you close your door you are on your own.  Pinterest allows you to see what other teachers do in their classroom.  You can find projects, bulletin board ideas, anchor charts, lessons, and just about anything you can think of and some!

2.  Images

I am a visual person to a fault.  I learn best and understand things when they are in picture form. Pinterest is very visual so it is ideal for me.

3. Ease of Use

It is so easy to use Pinterest.  I have the app on my phone and I can snap a picture of something I don’t want to forget and save it for later. It is like a portable file cabinet filled with everything I like.

4.  Private Boards

I love the private board option.  I can create separate boards for each of my kids and pin birthday and Christmas gift ideas that only I can see.

5. Collaboration

I love working together with others. Pinterest allows for collaboration among people with similar interest from all parts of the world.

A few years ago I created Pinterest boards for every theme we taught on my campus.  Pinterest made idea gathering and planning so much easier because teachers could pin their ideas in a centralized location for everyone to see.

6. Organization

By creating separate boards for different themes, topics and interest, I am able to keep my ideas organized.  I can also rearrange my boards and put them into any order I want.

7.  Comments, Like and Send a Pin

Pinterest allows you to comment on pins, like pins and share pins with others.  When I come across a pin I think would interest a friend, I can send it to them privately.

8. Unlimited Boards! 

How many Pinterest boards are enough?  I may not be the right person to ask.  I have nearly 200 boards!

 If you are an early childhood educator always looking for fresh ideas, consider following me on Pinterest.  I pin mostly free lessons and good ideas I come across.


I can probably come up with 20 more reasons why I love Pinterest.

I love Pinterest

Now that I have confessed to my ADDICTION to Pinterest, I am ending this post so I can go pin some more! LOL

Visit Teaching with Nancy’s profile on Pinterest.


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