Tech Tuesday: Storybook Videos Viewed Safely Using QR Codes

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Storybook Videos Viewed Safely Using QR Codes

Last week I shared how to Share YouTube Videos with Your Students Safely.  Today I’d like to show you an idea for using those videos in your classroom using SafeShare.TV and QR codes.

Here is how it works:

  1. Locate the YouTube video for the storybook you would like to use
  2. Create a SafeShare.TV link for it
  3. Open up QR code generator and create a QR code
  4. Tape the QR code to the inside cover of the book or create a page full of storybook video QR codes

Now your students can scan the QR code to view and listen to the story as they follow along with the book.

Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to make your own storybook QR codes.

Even if you don’t physically have a book in your classroom, students can still watch and listen to a good storybook on their smart device.

Here is a sample QR Code Storybook Video Page I started.  Add the book covers next to the QR code and you have an instant listening center.


Get creative and have fun with this idea!

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