2 More Days to Go!

Did you start school this week? In the school district where I work we started school on Monday.

Today was day 3. We have 2 more days to go to finish up our very first week of school.

It has been so exciting to meet so many precious students. I love to walk through the building and see the freshly decorated halls and classrooms.

It has been very exciting, but also very exhausting. Lots of details to work out as we all find our groove. My body still thinks it’s on my summer schedule!

I am looking forward to the long weekend, as I know many teachers are too. After the first week of school, it will do us good to have one extra day of rest.

This Labor Day, I am planning a sale and giving away an apple themed freebie. I few of my blogger friends are going to join me. We will be having a raffle too. Be sure to stop by on August 30 for an Applelicious Blog Hop.

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