Super Hippo Numeral Writing Practice

Do your students need practice writing the numerals 1-10 from dictation? If they do, I have the perfect activity!

Your students will love playing this scan and write the room game with these fun Super Hero Hippo QR code task cards. This activity will give your preschool and kindergarten students practice writing the numerals from 1-10 from dictation.

Staple or tape the task cards around the room or place them in your math station. Provide students with a smart device with a QR reader and watch your students go! Be sure to turn up the volume on your devices because these QR codes have audio. When students finish writing the answers for all 10 task cards they can scan the QR code on the answer recording sheet and check their own work.

FREE Hippo Scan and Write the Numerals Math Station for PK-K

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